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We provide 5 star satisfaction, we guarantee that the job is completed correctly and exceeds expectations, without hassle.


We have local experts who are as familiar with your lawn as their own.  We provide stellar service and a perfect lawn.


We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes or businesses.

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Does your lawn have turf disease? Feed A Lawn is continuing to see turf disease in lawns. If you are seeing irregular brown patches outlined with white cotton like fibers ...
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After hundreds of soil samples taken; the Cumberland County area is lacking lime and other needed nutrients. We are now changing all 6 Step Customers to our 7 Step Program, ...
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Check out these tips from the Center for Disease Control for preventing ticks in your yard. The first tip is to apply pesticides outdoors to Control Ticks. The second is to ...
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Grubs damage a lawn by devouring its root system.  Grub control is extremely effective, attacking the summertime eggs that hatch into lawn destroying grubs.  Grubs also draw predators to a lawn ...
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DIY tips for preventing ticks in the yard include applying pesticides outdoors to control ticks.  Read this article from the Center For Disease Control.  Experts predict bigger tick season this ...
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Its not too late to have a Green Lush weed free lawn, call to today for a Free Estimate. Servicing Crossville Area ...
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Are these rodents tearing up your lawn or garden, call Feed A Lawn and get a Free Evaluation. We can get rid of these rodents. 931-456-6689 ...
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Come out and meet our Techs, April 27 & 28 Master Gardeners of Cumberland County. Fairgrounds at Cumberland County Complex 1398 Livingston Road. See you there ...
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Are Moles tearing up your yard?? We can help. Call today for a Free Lawn Evaluation ...
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Maximize your lawn's health and beauty with the 6-Step Program. Our Round 1 Application is in February/March. Feed A Lawn fertilizes your lawn and attacks crabgrass before it starts sprouting ...
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See What Our Happy Customers Say About Us!


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