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Does your lawn have turf disease?

Does your lawn have turf disease? order neurontin Feed A Lawn is continuing to see turf disease
in lawns. If you are seeing irregular brown patches outlined with white cotton
like fibers it’s time for fungicide applications. The white substance is
Mycelium (typically seen in the am hours), if it is present the disease is
active. With night time temperatures climbing into the 60’s your lawn could be
susceptible to turf disease. Fungicide applications will prevent and remove
disease in your lawn. Call the office shelf life of neurontin 931-456-6689 for more information and/or
schedule a quote. We appreciate your business!


This is what turf disease looks like….


Attention 6 Step Customers

After hundreds of soil samples taken; the Cumberland County area is lacking lime and other needed nutrients. We are now changing all 6 Step Customers to our 7 Step Program, this will allow us to apply additional nutrients needed to ensure a beautiful lawn. Call our office today to find out about details, this application will be done in December.