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Anona provides domestic pest control services and is the name you can trust and deal with any kind of pest problems with in your area.


We recommend our domestic pest control service which is fast and effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family, friends and pets.We work hard to service every client’s needs effectively to protect one of their most important investments, their homes.

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We offers several services in order to keep your office pest free. Drawing from our decades of experience in pest control, we pay special attention to each building’s structure.

For commercial retailers, pest control is vital to protect both real estate and commodities, as well as the health of staff and customers.
Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can destroy the businesses and be a severe threat to peoples’ health.
With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. In order to help you prevent damages to your properties or commodities.

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