grubsGrubs damage a lawn by devouring its root system.  Grub control is extremely effective, attacking the summertime eggs that hatch into lawn destroying grubs. Grubs also draw predators to a lawn such as skunks, raccoons, birds and moles.

To identify grub activity in your lawn, we recommend pulling or cutting back the damaged areas of your yard and visually checking for grubs near the soil surface. Animals (skunks, raccoons, moles, etc.) that feed on grubs can also cause damage to the areas when searching for food. These animals may return for up to a year after the grubs are controlled as they remember where they have found food in the past.

Our professionals at Feed A Lawn can determine grub areas and execute the best possible system for getting rid of them and preventing them from coming back.

Years of careful care can all go to ruin with a grub infestation.  Careful planning in cycle with the seasons, combined with a solid lawn treatment program – Feed A Lawn can ensure that your lawn will be lush and healthy.