shrubsThe need for expert tree and shrub care often goes overlooked, but a flourishing landscape will greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your property while increasing its value.  Feed A Lawn offers a range of shrub and bush services designed to give your landscape the nutrients, protection and conditions it needs to thrive.

We begin with inspecting your yard, which helps your Feed A Lawn determine the specific needs of your landscape. We can then create a personalized approach to give your shrubs and bushes exactly what they need to flourish.

Shrubs, trees and bushes are essential to any lawn or garden and providing color, shade, and structure to your property. Taking care of your plants can be a huge difference between a good yard and a great yard. Pruning back branches, fertilizing the roots, regular watering, as well as keeping insects and diseases from infecting your trees and bushes are all part of the job.

It takes time and dedication to keep your plant-life healthy and attractive, and Feed A Lawn guarantees a superb service.